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Frequently Asked Questions

Getting Started

What do I need to join?
All you need to do is:
  • Log in with your MileagePlus® number and pin/password.
  • Register any credit and/or debit cards you plan to use at restaurants, bars, or clubs.
  • Then, just dine at any program location.
There are no special ID cards or membership numbers to remember. Membership is 100% free and easy!
+ How much does it cost to join MileagePlus DiningSM?
Nothing! Membership is 100% free.
+ How much can I earn with MileagePlus Dining?
  • Member Level – earn 1 mile per $2 spent if you elect to not receive email communication from
    MileagePlus Dining.
  • Online member Level – earn 3 miles per $1 spent if you elect to receive email communication from MileagePlus Dining.
  • VIP member Level – earn 5 miles per $1 spent if you elect to receive email communication from
    MileagePlus Dining AND have already completed 11 qualified transactions in the calendar year. (Members start earning at the VIP level on their 12th qualified transaction.)
Pretty simple, right?
+ Why do I need to log in to the Account Center?
Creating an account and logging in when you visit will allow you to:
  • Track the status of your miles earned through MileagePlus Dining.
  • Write and view online reviews.
  • View the latest updates on new dining spots and bonus offers.
  • Create and access a list of personal favorite restaurants, bars, and clubs
  • Update your email address for receipt of MileagePlus Dining program information and extra rewards offers.
  • Update your credit and/or debit card information in order to earn rewards for your spending.
Please note that any changes you make to your personal membership on the MileagePlus Dining site will not change your MileagePlus account information.
+ Why do I have to register my credit or debit card?
Paying your check at a program restaurant, bar, or club with your registered credit or debit card is how we know to credit your MileagePlus account with award miles earned. MileagePlus Dining will never charge your credit or debit card without your permission and our processing system is secure.
+ Can I switch to a different reward program?
Yes. You can easily switch to any other Rewards Network program by calling Member Services at 800–555–5116.
+ Will my membership with MileagePlus Dining ever expire?
Yes, but only after 36 consecutive months of no dining activity with your registered credit or debit card.


+ Why do I want to receive email from MileagePlus Dining?
Email is the primary way we keep in touch with our members, and opting in to receive email from
MileagePlus Dining increases your earn rate to 3 miles per $1 spent.
+ What kind of email will I receive from MileagePlus Dining?
Types of emails you may receive, approximately once a week, include:
  • Member recommendations
  • New restaurants in your area that have joined the program
  • Opportunities to earn bonus rewards on special occasions
  • Administrative emails, such as reward confirmations or online review reminders
+ Will I still receive email if I opt-out?
Even if you opt-out of promotional emails, we may still need to send you emails which are administrative in nature. Those include:
  • Confirmations of your dining transactions.
  • Requests for an online review (required for some bonus miles).
  • Updates to our Privacy Policy or Terms and Conditions.
  • Important changes to our program that we feel members need to know.
Please note that our systems require time to update, so it may take up to 10 days before your account fully reflects your opt-out preference.
+ How can I opt-in or opt-out of email?
Simply log into the Account Center and visit the Profile and Subscription Center. You can click on the checkbox to opt-in or opt-out of promotional emails, and then confirm by clicking the "Update" button. We'll then send you a confirmation email, letting you know that your account information has been updated.
+ Why am I not getting emails?
  • You may have accidentally opted-out of receiving email from MileagePlus Dining.
  • Your email address may have become undeliverable.
  • You may have marked an email sent by MileagePlus Dining as spam.
Just add (or re–add) an email address to your Account Center, and your ability to earn rewards will instantly resume.

Online Reviews

+ Why should I write a review?
Reviews help MileagePlus Dining restaurants know how you feel about their food, service, cleanliness and value. Completing a review after a restaurant visit is required in order for you to receive some bonus miles.
+ How do I write my review?
  • A few days after you visit to a participating restaurant, you'll receive an email with a link to complete a review.
  • Review submission forms can also be accessed via your Account Center.
  • The review only takes 2 minutes to complete.
  • Feel free to have fun and be colorful – but please also be honest and accurate. See our content guidelines for further clarification.
+ Who will read my review?
The content of your review will be sent to the restaurant you visited, and also posted on the MileagePlus Dining website for other members to read (if you allow).

But no worries about your identity! Only your initials and city/state will be displayed for the restaurant and other diners to see.

MileagePlus® award miles

+ When do miles get added to my account?
Miles will appear in your MileagePlus and MileagePlus Dining accounts as soon as the transaction is registered by the restaurant, usually within 5 – 7 days, but not typically longer than 8 weeks after a transaction occurs.
+ Why can't I see my last transaction?
  • It may take up to five days for a transaction to appear after dining, depending on the restaurant's credit card handling.
  • You did not use a credit or debit card registered in your MileagePlus Dining account to pay your check.
  • You dined on a blackout day, indicated on the restaurant's information page.
  • You dined at a restaurant that left the MileagePlus Dining program prior to the date you visited.

Any other questions?

Members and Online members can call MileagePlus Dining Member Services at 800–555–5116, or email us at
VIP members can call 877–392–7310, or email us at